NFC-Based Google Pay Card Payment option has been Rolling out in India

Last year in the event Google for India announced to enable secure payment option using Credit card or Debit cards via Google Pay. Even for a few weeks, the visa cardholders were eligible for the new payment method. But in reality, it has not reached to the end-users even after one year of the announcement. Now the things are getting in shapes, this NFC-Based Google Pay card payment option has been rolling out in India. This new payment option in addition to the Bank Account reminds me of the Samsung Pay payment method.

NFC-Based Google Pay

NFC-Based Google Pay Cards Payment option: what’s new?

To use this method your smartphone must have the NFC feature. First, we have to add the card in the Google Pay App. It will prompt a quick verification process through OTP. After the OTP verification, the card is successfully added to the system. For NFC-enabled terminals or Bharat QR or any payment method whereas Google Pay is accepted you can use this method. It will generate digital tokens just tap on the make payment button the payment will be done within seconds.

Previously the Google Pay was based only UPI(Unified Payments Interface) option. After this roll out the cardholders can leverage this technology without bothering about UPI ids. As of now, Google Pay is widely accessible alongside PhonePe and PayTm thanks to the UPI making it simple. In India, there is a huge card userbase hence enabling such feature definitely a win-win situation for Google. The number of installs will be ramped up since google is a trustworthy company it might have the most secure payment option.

Privacy wise this is a great development here in India cardholders become a victim of theft every day. This digital tokenized system will let you keep your card details secure. Every time you make a payment this digital token will complete your transactions without sharing the actual details with the merchant.

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