Samsung Galaxy Assured and Galaxy Forever Plans Launched In India

Samsung has announced two new programs to appease its customers intended to boost the sales of their premium phones in India. In the first place, two of the new programs are Galaxy Assured and Galaxy Forever which meant to give customers the confidence to buy Samsung’s premium phones like Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S10 Lite(512GB) and Galaxy Note 10 Lite. In shorts, the Galaxy Assured program offers a buyback scheme for premium Samsung Galaxy smartphones, while the Galaxy Forever program offers customers an affordable option to own a premium Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Bit confusing right? let me explain to you with examples below.

Samsung Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20|S20+

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Samsung Galaxy Assured

The Samsung Galaxy Assured is a program by Samsung which assured the buyback scheme for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone owners. The program is especially valid for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S10 Lite (512GB), and Galaxy Note 10 Lite owners. Let’s say if you are an owner of Galaxy S10 Lite and you wanted to switch to Galaxy S10 in that case you have four options:

  1. If your Galaxy S10 Lite is 3 months old then you are assured 70% of the original device price.
  2. Else if your device is 6 months old then 60% assured for buyback value.
  3. Else if 9 months old then 50% assured for buyback value.
  4. Or if 12 months old then 40% assured for buyback value.

Assume your device is 3 months old and you wanted to switch to Galaxy S20. 70% of Galaxy S10 Lite original price is assured which further can be used for paying Galaxy S20’s price. You get the idea!

Samsung Galaxy Forever

The Galaxy Forever is a program by Samsung. Which gives an affordable EMI option to the customers to own Galaxy Smartphones. This EMI option is currently valid with IDFC bank. Suppose you are buying Galaxy S20 through the Galaxy Forever scheme then you have to pay the total cost of 60% of the phone, rest 40% you can pay by the end of 12 months. Moreover, you have an option to return the device then you don’t have to pay the rest 40%

Availability of the Schemes

The schemes are available across all the Samsung Exclusive Stores, leading retail outlets and on portal.

Source: FoneArena

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