Xiaomi 3rd Gen UDC (under display camera) might be production ready

The next Buzzy tech among the tech giants after the 100+ Watt fast charging is the under-display camera (UDC). Xiaomi had teased their 3rd Gen UDC tech after the announcement from ZTE. However, Xiaomi was the first to demonstrate under-display camera technology but unable to announce a phone with it. Recently ZTE stole the show from Xiaomi to announce the world’s first under-display camera phone. The phone about to debut as ZTE Axon 20 5G on the September 1. In response to the ZTE’s announcement, Xiaomi releases another teaser of the UDC tech and it really making progress.

Xiaomi 3rd Gen UDC

Frankly speaking, Xiaomi did this to let people know that they are not sleeping. The UDC is under development and it making progress, we could expect a UDC phone from Xiaomi in early 2021. In the recent teaser, Xiaomi had compared the present 3rd Gen UDC to the previous Gen UDC. The results are amazing from a certain distance but definitely a huge improvement compared to the previous Gen UDC. If you hold the phone close the camera area still visible, it will be not an issue with the 20:9 aspect ratio displays while watching youtube videos.

Xiaomi 3rd Gen UDC How It works

To process an image we need a light source, this technology utilizing the sub-pixel gaps to transmit the light into the sensor. The punch hole area is programmed to the self-developed pixel arrangement to achieve similar pixel density as the rest of the display. This feat is achieved by doubling the pixels around both directions vertically and horizontally. The goal was to transmit the light source into the sensor through the sub-pixel gap, and it worked.

Xiaomi is transparent with the UDC technology, however, ZTE is have not shared further information in regards to the achievement. Expecting an explanation of the technology in the scheduled launch event on September 1. Xiaomi could take some more time to improve further to almost invisible. The 4th gen of the UDC from Xiaomi will be near perfect like we have been waiting for. The all-screen no holes no notched crystal clear display and crystal clear selfies from the under-display camera.

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