125W UltraDart Fast Charging by Realme: Fully charge in 10minutes!

The craziness of fast charging technology becomes a new trend among the tech giants. Just a day after the Oppo has unveiled their 125W Super Flash Charging technology, and now Realme introduces 125W UltraDart fast charging technology today. Along with UltraDart charging tech, Realme also announces two ultra-thin SuperDart chargers of 50W and 65W. The company claims it (UltraDart) can fill 33% of a 4000mAh battery within 3minutes of charging, not only that it is even backward compatible with all major charging standards. That means it is capable of fully charge your phone within 10minutes without frying the phone. Sounds cool right? Yeah, it is.

125W UltraDart Fast Charging
125W UltraDart Charging

125W UltraDart Charging Technology

Realme also shared the theory of their charging technology, which shows how they have achieved this feat. All made possible by dual 6C cells which enabled 125W UltraDart charger to convert 98% of electrical energy. Let me explain the charging diagram.

125W UltraDart Charging

The charger takes the input of 20V at 6.25Amps then transfers it to the three parallel circuits of 10V at 12.5Amps, from here it simultaneously charging two batteries of 2000mAh each. The above circuit generates 39.35 ≈ 40-degree centigrade heat in theory. In real-life situations, it could reach beyond this temperature. For the protection, the company implemented 14 temperature sensors in the battery along with an internal cooling system so that the temperature did not exceed beyond the limit.

Since the top model of Realme smartphone comes under a higher midrange category that even costs less than $500 (roughly ₹37,500) could you trust this 125W charging tech is fully safe to use?

SuperDart Charger
SuperDart Charger

To answer this question we have to wait for the next Realme smartphone which will have this technology implemented. However, Realme and Oppo share the same parent company thus you don’t need to worry about safety. Other tech giants like Xiaomi, Vivo also planning to launch phones with 120W charging tech. All this sums up that the phone smartphone phones will be fully charged under 20minutes.

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