125W Super Flash Charging By Oppo: That’s Insane

In the initial stage of the fast charging era of mobile devices, Oppo was one of the first companies that introduce 30W fast charging. Back in June 2018, it was the Oppo who comes with 50W SuperVOOC charging in their Find X series. No! 50W was not that enough. Oppo brings SuperVOOC 2.0 charging solution that supports 65W fast charging in their Find X2 series. But Oppo has not done yet! on July 15, 2020, they are going to unveiling 125W fast charging. Yes, you read it correctly, one hundred and twenty-five Watt fast charging on a tiny motherboard. It will be interesting to see how a tiny motherboard handles 125W Super Flash Charging charging without frying it.

125W Super Flash Charging
125W Super Flash Charging

The need for 125W Super Flash Charging technology

30W fast charging is now common even in the budget segment, companies providing 30 to 33W fast charging technologies. This 30W charging technology can fill 67% of a 4000mAh battery in 30minutes. Within an hour 30W charging technology can fill 100% of that battery. So, just think about the present 65W fast charging technology how fast it is then why there is a need for 120W+ fast charging technology?

The answer is simple, 5G is here and it consumes hell lots of power, it sucks the battery like a leach. Even in the 4G LTE network, it consumes lots of power, continuous usage of LTE network a 4000mAh battery can give almost 3-4 hours backup. Just imagine continuous usage of 5G networks how long a 4000mAh battery can last? That’s why in the future, the true 5G phones will have more batteries even Samsung has seen working on a 7000mAh battery. If a 4000mAh battery needs 1 Hour+ to fully charged then 7000mAh can take twice of that.

Companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and all others looking forward to delivering fast charging even on a humongous battery. Xiaomi and Vivo also working on 120W fast charging technology while the Oppo is Industry-leading in the fast charging technology. It’s difficult to say which Oppo phone will have this technology we have to wait till 15th July.


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