PUBG Mobile among other 275 Chinese Apps on Government’s Radar

Despite the ban of 59 Chinese apps in June, the Indian government has banned yet another 47 Chinese apps today. The reason being for the ban is over national security and user privacy. Having banned in India these Chinese apps still available. For example, TikTok had been banned but TikTok Lite is still available. In such a way, these banned apps are still available in India in the form of clones from the original one. Further, 275 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile are being reportedly under scrutiny over alleged national security and privacy concerns.

PUBG Mobile

Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns” – A government official explained. The full list of these apps is not in the public domain yet but there are some major apps in the list you may have been using in your daily life. Such as PUBG Mobile by Tencent, Zili by Xiaomi, AliExpress by Alibaba Groups, Resso by ByteDance, and many others.

Some might link this app ban with the recent violence face-off between China and Indian in the Galwan Velly. The way they are thinking, they are not paying attention to user privacy. Technically speaking there are some apps on your mobile device asking for unnecessary permissions. Like running foreground services, retrieve running apps, prevent the phone from sleeping, change network connectivity, and so on. Such permissions will hurt you badly if the app owner has evil intentions. Thus every foreign app needs to be strictly monitored before sending data outside of the country.

Why PUBG Mobile is on the list?

As I told you some apps need unnecessary permissions PUBG Mobile is one of them it asking you a hell lot of permissions from modifying or deleting contents from shared storage to run foreground services. In that way, it comes under the government’s eye.

We cannot say PUBG Mobile is breaching any securities, everything depends on their integrity and ethics. Hence, wait until the final decision arrives from the government body. Next time be sure to check permissions before installing any apps whether it is made in India or Make in China. Your privacy should be always on top.

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