TikTok Accessing The Clipboard Of Your Smartphone Caught By Apple

Recently more than 50 China Apps red-flagged by Indian Intelligent agencies. TikTok is among one of them, now Apple has caught TikTok accessing the clipboard of your Smartphones secretly. Not only TikTok but few others are on the list exposed by Apple. The recent security patch update of iOS 14 catches these apps using user clipboards.

TikTok Snooping Users Clipboard

However, not that long ago this video sharing app was caught practicing this act in March. The TikTok spokesperson clears that they will not follow this practice and will stop within the weeks. But in reality, they didn’t! It is the iOS 14 which alerts users if an App is trying to access the clipboard of the phone and TikTok still does that.

TikTok Accessing Clipboard

Reading user(s) clipboards without permission is not a good practice. However, the search terms can be used for further optimization, reading and keeping users clipboard data sometimes question the integrity and ethics of the software. Imagine you are doing private chats or any privacy-related works all of your privacy is exposed. Overstock, Google News, AliExpress, and few others were caught practicing this act.

A TikTok spokesperson further clarified that a bug of their newly added feature causing this problem. This feature is meant for tracking repetitive and spammy behavior. A new update is pushed to the App store that removes the anti-spam feature. All these for iOS but the spokesperson did not clarify for Android users.

Will TikTok push the same update to Playstore for Android update? is TikTok accessing the clipboard on Android phones? We don’t know how our privacy is being used by TikTok and such other apps. The spokesperson mentioned the anti-spam feature which is the main culprit, which means the feature is available on Android phones too. However, there are no such complaints on the Android side. But the TikTok should come up with an update on both of the platforms.

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Source: Telegraph

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